A spontaneous encounter

Main Participant

anonymous worker


ranch worker

Colorado County & Region

Northern Fort Collins, Larimer county

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Promotora Tomi and I were driving the county roads to visit a dairy in Northern Fort Collins. We were carrying with us hats with neck protectors and bottles of water.  

It was a hot summer day and at distance we could see a cuadrilla working in a corn field.  

As we got closer to the field we parked in a safe place. The workers were too far away to reach but there was one working at  a water pump. We walked towards him and introduced ourselves sharing what type help we offered at Project Protect Promotores. Tomi chatted with him and found out that he knew her husband!

The worker told us that he worked  for a local ranch but they moved around to different fields. 

We gave him one of the hats and he said , “ No one has ever given me something free.”   His reaction was so precious and his gratitude so genuine. 

We left feeling good knowing that we had made  someone happy that day!

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A spontaneous encounter


A spontaneous encounter between an agricultural worker in the field and a promotora where they found he knew her husband!


Ana Schultz and Tomi Rodriguez


August 2022


Kassandra Neiss



Ana Schultz and Tomi Rodriguez, A spontaneous encounter August 2022. Esencial Colorado, accessed June 4, 2023, https://esencialcolorado.org/items/show/138