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Un gatito fue rescatado en el corral de los becerritos. a su hermanito lo aplasto un becerrito y este gatito recien nacido estaba abrazando el cuerpo muerto de su hermanitio, este trabajador lo rescato y lo entrego a una persona que es voluntaria en…

Pictures of agricultural workers pruning peach trees in Palisade Colorado.

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Juan Panzo Temoxtle, age 44, drowned in a manure pit while working at Shelton Dairy in LaSalle, CO on Tuesday March 30, 2021.

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A spontaneous encounter between an agricultural worker in the field and a promotora where they found he knew her husband!

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H-2A workers make themselves at home in a promotora's kitchen to make aguachiles, socialize, and enjoy life away from home and family.

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A H2A agricultural worker had always dreamt of owning a guitar, that's all he wanted. But, in Mexico they were too expensive. Thanks to a Promotora in SLV, he got what he dreamed for.

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Photos from a promotora outreach to agricultural workers.

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Promotores bring winter coats to sheepherders from peru who spend the winter months moving their herds across the nothwest part of Colorado.

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A thanksgiving meal with Western Slope agricultural workers.
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