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¡La vida vale más que una deuda médica!

Promotoras Drive Huge U-Haul.pdf
Promotoras shared a great meal and laughter with some agricultural workers in Rio Grande County after driving over a U-Haul full of food supplies.

juan boulder.pdf
An agricultural worker now see his daughter taking up the work in the fields, and is grateful for the help of Project protect promotores.

rosa y sabas boulder.pdf
Two elderly agricultural workers talk about their experiences in work, their need for safety and work items, and how Project Project Promotores have helped them.

Romualdo boulder.pdf
An agricultural worker with cancer thanks Project Protect Promotores for the help they gave him.

Bringing basic items like shirts, hats, backpacks and water bottles to agricultural workers is needed, appreciated, and must be continued for this community.

An agricultural worker talks about how the aid from the Project Protect Promotores is very important for him.

A personal story about the support Project Protect Promotores gives to workers.

He worked his whole life as an agriculture worker. He need to get help with daily activity.

This story talks the rough journey and struggles an Honduran pregnant woman faced with her 3-year-old son to get to Colorado.
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