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Copy of A.Carrazco 02_17_2021   M.C- English.pdf
An anonymous agricultural worker in Morgan County discusses the the low pay, lack of meal breaks, and the reality of long work hours.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story7 transcripts.pdf
A mother describes how she balances her work and her family. She also explains how the employer treated workers during COVID-19.

Copy of A.Carrazco 02_16_2021   M.C-English.pdf
A Mexican agricultural worker in Northeast Colorado experiences injustices from the managers in the fields, which he explains is because the managers have papers and the workers do not. He describes the insecurity of the pandemic and fear of getting…

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story6 transcripts.pdf
An agricultural worker from Mexico discusses the difficult conditions of the weather and climate in Colorado. He also talks about the uncertainty of the pandemic for workers without citizenship. He asks legislators for more fair and humane treatment.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story6.ogg
An agricultural worker discusses some difficulties they have faced when working and having children. They also bring up the bad working conditions and racism.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story5.ogg
An agricultural worker discusses low pay, bad working conditions and legal status. The worker explains that her emigration from her country was to seek a better life.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story4.ogg
A Colorado agricultural worker discusses gender, working conditions on farms and reasons as to why she works in agriculture.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story3.ogg
A young worker talks about bad treatment they have received, but that they are too young to work elsewhere.
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