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It's freaking hot, promotores give out water bottles and sunscreen

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The Regional Director of the Project Protect Promotora Network, Angeles Mendez, celebrates her family's educational achievements.

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A promotora, who works to support agricultural workers' health and personal needs, is also an agricultural worker herself! She personally knows what is most helpful for this work and life.

A father's day celebration with agricultural workers and Project Protect Promotoras.

Two hard working woman enjoying each others company during hard day of work. These two woman have been working in the fields for 9 years, despite the hardship of the labor they continue to work in this industry because they say “it makes us feel…

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Un gatito fue rescatado en el corral de los becerritos. A su hermanito lo aplastó un becerrito y este gatito recien nacido estaba abrazando el cuerpo muerto de su hermanito, este trabajador lo rescato y lo entregó a una persona que es voluntaria en…

Pictures of agricultural workers pruning peach trees in Palisade Colorado.

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Juan Panzo Temoxtle, age 44, drowned in a manure pit while working at Shelton Dairy in LaSalle, CO on Tuesday March 30, 2021.
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