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Bringing basic items like shirts, hats, backpacks and water bottles to agricultural workers is needed, appreciated, and must be continued for this community.

An agricultural worker talks about how the aid from the Project Protect Promotores is very important for him.

A personal story about the support Project Protect Promotores gives to workers.

He worked his whole life as an agriculture worker. He need to get help with daily activity.

This story talks the rough journey and struggles an Honduran pregnant woman faced with her 3-year-old son to get to Colorado.

Entrevista trabajadora Agrícola Norte de Colorado  2.mp3
Las protecciones del calor no se están cumpliendo

Angeles Mendez, a PPFSW promotora in Delta County, CO, gives testimony in support of SB.21.087 ("Agricultural Workers' Rights"). She tells the story of a male H2A worker who falls ill while working corn harvests in the Western Slope; he is diagnosed…

Necesidades de trabajadores en el invierno.pdf
This short story talks about some of the items that workers needed during the Winter of 2022.

Trabajador Tiene Un Accidente.pdf
This story talks about a young worker who had an accident while at work and some obstacles that the worker faced with the medic and with their employer at work.

Obstaculos que se enfrentan trabajadores para recibir asistencia.pdf
This narration depicts the necessities of various workers. It discusses some workers who do not fit the requirements to apply and receive assistance.
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