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Obstaculos que se enfrentan trabajadores para recibir asistencia.pdf
This narration depicts the necessities of various workers. It discusses some workers who do not fit the requirements to apply and receive assistance.

Una Madre huyendo de la violencia domestica y sus necesidades.pdf
This narrative discusses the theme of immigration and domestic violence. A family from El Salvador flees domestic violence and acclimates to life in the United States.

Barreras al accesso medico y el idioma.pdf
This narrative discusses the theme of medical accessibility and difficulties that agricultural workers can face due to not knowing English.

Accesibilidad a aprender ingles.pdf
This story focuses on the accessibility that 20-30 young Mexican adults have to learn English.

Trabajador de Lecheria No Entiende El Proceso Medical.pdf
A dairy farmworker does not understand the medical process and did not have the medical documentation needed to receive financial medical help.

Un trabajador decidido a defender sus derechos.mp3
A worker determined to defend his rights

Elvira Munguia gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087 (March 2021), and asks members of the committee to recognize the harsh living conditions of migrant agricultural workers in Colorado due to state legislation that permits minimum wage exceptions,…

Soraya Leon, a PPPN Promotora, gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087, sharing her experiences of witnessing adverse working conditions affecting the health of immigrant agricultural workers in Colorado.

A Story about living and working at a dairy. The worker speaks of difficulties with mental health, medical access, transportation, and ultimately he leaves his job at the dairy to live in a larger city with more access to resources.

Manager de Mantenimiento de lechería.pdf
Entrevista con el Manager de Mantenimiento de Johnson / Johnson Dairy. Describe su meta en la vida, en el trabajo y para su familia.
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