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Farmworker Story(North2)_Elvira Munguia3.mp3

Chico Veterinario.pdf
Veterinarian with degree in Mexico, is now working in the US and getting underpaid.

A beet truck driver was forced to return to Mexico after being infected with COVID-19 and receiving no support, equipment, or information from employers. The job was temporary, difficult, had long hours, and the company, and the farmworker feels that…

An Agricultural Worker in Need of Transportation.docx
A Project Protect promotora helps an agricultural worker who needs transportation back to his housing site after becoming lost.

Promotoras Drive Huge U-Haul.pdf
Promotoras shared a great meal and laughter with some agricultural workers in Rio Grande County after driving over a U-Haul full of food supplies.

Un trabajador decidido a defender sus derechos.mp3
A worker determined to defend his rights

Picnic Migrante Greeley 2022.mp4
Every year in the summer of August and in the city of Greeley located in northern Colorado, the FARMWORKER APPRECIATION PICNIC is held. This is the 2022 event.

A Story about living and working at a dairy. The worker speaks of difficulties with mental health, medical access, transportation, and ultimately he leaves his job at the dairy to live in a larger city with more access to resources.

Entrevista trabajadora Agrícola Norte de Colorado  2.mp3
Las protecciones del calor no se están cumpliendo

image_50436097 (2).JPG
¡La vida vale más que una deuda médica!
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