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Veterinarian with degree in Mexico, is now working in the US and getting underpaid.

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Promotores bring winter coats to sheepherders from peru who spend the winter months moving their herds across the nothwest part of Colorado.

A father's day celebration with agricultural workers and Project Protect Promotoras.

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A promotora, who works to support agricultural workers' health and personal needs, is also an agricultural worker herself! She personally knows what is most helpful for this work and life.

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The Regional Director of the Project Protect Promotora Network, Angeles Mendez, celebrates her family's educational achievements.

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Agricultural workers sit along an irrigation ditch holding long-handled hoes in their laps. A field of corn is in the background.

A beet truck driver was forced to return to Mexico after being infected with COVID-19 and receiving no support, equipment, or information from employers. The job was temporary, difficult, had long hours, and the company, and the farmworker feels that…


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