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He worked his whole life as an agriculture worker. He need to get help with daily activity.

Trabajador de Lecheria No Entiende El Proceso Medical.pdf
A dairy farmworker does not understand the medical process and did not have the medical documentation needed to receive financial medical help.

Environment_ Agriculture.pdf
A foreman finishing up his day during a cold, wintery March evening. He displays the old ways of checking on sprinklers and the "new" way by means of an app and his smart phone.

Testimony Teresa Rodríguez McNeill - Cir León (1).pdf
A Project Protect Promotora shares her experience as an agricultural worker in Texas and share her personal motivations for being a promotora and her background, skills and connections to the community.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Cristina Cardenas2.pdf
A dairy worker from Mexico describes the difficulty of dairy work and being a manager of a milking station, as well as sexism in the work place and her desire for more opportunity for herself and her children.

An account of a hemp worker's experience at a Colorado farm and includes how they were not paid for their work.

Promotores from Project Protect Food System Workers help a sick migrant agricultural worker seek treatment while he was not allowed to leave worker housing
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