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Promotores from Project Protect Food System Workers help a sick migrant agricultural worker seek treatment while he was not allowed to leave worker housing

An account of a hemp worker's experience at a Colorado farm and includes how they were not paid for their work.

A farmworker for over 20 years describes her experiences and struggles, including a workplace accident that left her unable to work.

A story about a worker who started working on farms in Colorado when he was a high school student. She is now facing some health challenges.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Cristina Cardenas2.pdf
A dairy worker from Mexico describes the difficulty of dairy work and being a manager of a milking station, as well as sexism in the work place and her desire for more opportunity for herself and her children.

Testimony Teresa Rodríguez McNeill - Cir León (1).pdf
A Project Protect Promotora shares her experience as an agricultural worker in Texas and share her personal motivations for being a promotora and her background, skills and connections to the community.

Environment_ Agriculture.pdf
A foreman finishing up his day during a cold, wintery March evening. He displays the old ways of checking on sprinklers and the "new" way by means of an app and his smart phone.

Jennifer Rodriguez, legal consoler at Colorado Legal Services, gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087, which is otherwise known as the Agricultural Worker Bill of Rights. Rodriguez gives an overview of her experience representing migrant ag. workers…

Damian Thompson gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087 (aka Agricultural Workers' Bill of Rights), placing the voting actions on this particular piece of legislation in historical dialogue with events such as the New Deal and Jim Crowe laws in…

Ricardo Perez, the Executive Director of the Hispanic Affairs Project, asks Colorado State Legislators to approve SB.21.087 ("Agricultural Workers' Bill of Rights"), and he provides two examples of migrant agricultural workers' experiences with labor…
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