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Necesidades de Salud Durante la Pandemia.pdf
This story focuses on the health needs that agricultural workers had during the Covid-19 pandemic in January 2022.

Las dificultades que enfrentan trabajadores por el invierno.pdf
This narrative focuses on the challenges that agricultural workers face due to the weather.

Trabajadora Con Paralisis Cerebral Necesita Ayuda.pdf
Una promotora de Project Protect y la comunidad ayudaron a una trabajadora de agricultura que fue diagnosticada con parálisis cerebral. 

Farmworker Story(North1)_Lucia Olivas1.pdf
A short description of low wages, need for benefits, and respect.

Two married elder agricultural workers at a flower shop in Denver describe being mistreated at work. They are paid a low salary, do not get overtime pay, and are sometimes sent away with no work. They are unable to find work elsewhere due to age,…

A story about mistreatment and racism from employers, including not being able to leave for major emergencies unless she gives prior notice. The worker is uncertain if she should return to the same employer or risk facing worse conditions elsewhere.

A worker in a flower shop earns less than her co-workers on visas. She has five children asks for fairer pay standards.

A promotora tells the story of a farmworker who has worked in Colorado for ten years. She explains the instability of income and how difficult it is to make amounts sufficient for rent, transportation, and necessary equipment.

North1_Claudia Chavez1.ogg
The promotora recounts the testimony of a Northern Colorado farmworker, who describes how the pandemic has lowered hours and income, as well as how long hours of difficult labor have caused health problems. He asks for fair pay and medical services.

Farmworker Story(North1)_Lucia Olivas.pdf
An agricultural worker's experiences which includes a description of the weather conditions at work, reasons why they work and salary.
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