An Agricultural Worker in Need of Transportation

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Anonymous Agricultural Worker


Agricultural Worker

Colorado County & Region

Mesa County, West 1

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This story comes from Brenda Villarreral, a promotora who works within Mesa County of the West 1 region of Colorado. In this situation, Brenda helped an agricultural worker who had gotten lost while trying to find his bus stop. On the freezing cold night of October 22nd, 2021, the middle-aged worker was trying to return to his housing site when the bus dropped him off at an incorrect location in the middle of the night. The worker texted Brenda, explaining that he was trying to find his bus stop, and that his bus was meant to arrive at 12:30 am, yet for some reason it never came. He was then rescheduled to leave the next day on the 4:30 pm bus, which would have been too late for him to return to the housing site. Luckily, he was able to call Brenda to ask for a ride and she reached him up at 6 am, getting him out of the freezing cold and returning him to his work site on time. The worker was extremely grateful for Brenda’s help, and he could not express his thanks enough to her. It was also noted by Brenda that this was a difficult situation because the worker did not speak English and thus could only rely on her for help. Thus, this instance helps to display the issues that can arise when it comes to communication and transportation for agricultural workers within Colorado.

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This story is based on data collected by Project Protect Promotora Network. ID: 12053


An Agricultural Worker in Need of Transportation


A Project Protect promotora helps an agricultural worker who needs transportation back to his housing site after becoming lost.


Brenda Villarreral


23 October 2021


Delanee Taylor



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