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She does not lose her essence, she still dreams of doing what she likes

When love for others allows you to shine

A farmworker gives his reaction after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Un gatito fue rescatado en el corral de los becerritos. a su hermanito lo aplasto un becerrito y este gatito recien nacido estaba abrazando el cuerpo muerto de su hermanitio, este trabajador lo rescato y lo entrego a una persona que es voluntaria en…

This story talks the rough journey and struggles an Honduran pregnant woman faced with her 3-year-old son to get to Colorado.

Necesidades de trabajadores en el invierno.pdf
This short story talks about some of the items that workers needed during the Winter of 2022.

hand injury.pdf
This story talks about a young worker who had an accident while at work and some obstacles that the worker faced with the medic and with their employer at work.

Obstaculos que se enfrentan trabajadores para recibir asistencia.pdf
This narration depicts the necessities of various workers. It discusses some workers who do not fit the requirements to apply and receive assistance.

Una Madre huyendo de la violencia domestica y sus necesidades.pdf
This narrative discusses the theme of immigration and domestic violence. A family from El Salvador flees domestic violence and acclimates to life in the United States.

Barreras al accesso medico y el idioma.pdf
This narrative discusses the theme of medical accessibility and difficulties that agricultural workers can face due to not knowing English.
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