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Luis Murillo, a Regional Director of Project Protect promotora network in the San Luis Valley and school Principal, gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087 (aka Agricultural Workers' Bill of Rights). He states that health access, food access and…

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Angeles Mendez, a PPFSW promotora in Delta County, CO, gives testimony in support of SB.21.087 ("Agricultural Workers' Rights"). She tells the story of a male H2A worker who falls ill while working corn harvests in the Western Slope; he is diagnosed…

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A Project Protect promotora helps a young agricultural worker with social security issues and finding transportation.

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A Project Protect promotora helps an H-2A visa agricultural worker who is struggling with medical bills after he fell sick and was hospitalized.

Anita Rodriguez provides testimony IN FAVOR of SB.21.087 (aka "Agricultural Workers' Rights") on March 17, 2021. She shares her experience as a Promotora de Salud and PPPN Promotora, witnessing the restricted living conditions of H2A workers in the…

Ricardo Perez, the Executive Director of the Hispanic Affairs Project, asks Colorado State Legislators to approve SB.21.087 ("Agricultural Workers' Bill of Rights"), and he provides two examples of migrant agricultural workers' experiences with labor…

Damian Thompson gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087 (aka Agricultural Workers' Bill of Rights), placing the voting actions on this particular piece of legislation in historical dialogue with events such as the New Deal and Jim Crowe laws in…

Jennifer Rodriguez, legal consoler at Colorado Legal Services, gives testimony in favor of SB.21.087, which is otherwise known as the Agricultural Worker Bill of Rights. Rodriguez gives an overview of her experience representing migrant ag. workers…
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