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An account of a hemp worker's experience at a Colorado farm and includes how they were not paid for their work.

A farmworker for over 20 years describes her experiences and struggles, including a workplace accident that left her unable to work.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Cristina Cardenas2.pdf
A dairy worker from Mexico describes the difficulty of dairy work and being a manager of a milking station, as well as sexism in the work place and her desire for more opportunity for herself and her children.

Testimony Teresa Rodríguez McNeill - Cir León (1).pdf
A Project Protect Promotora shares her experience as an agricultural worker in Texas and share her personal motivations for being a promotora and her background, skills and connections to the community.

Environment_ Agriculture.pdf
A foreman finishing up his day during a cold, wintery March evening. He displays the old ways of checking on sprinklers and the "new" way by means of an app and his smart phone.

Trabajador de Lecheria No Entiende El Proceso Medical.pdf
A dairy farmworker does not understand the medical process and did not have the medical documentation needed to receive financial medical help.

An Agricultural Worker in Need of Transportation.docx
A Project Protect promotora helps an agricultural worker who needs transportation back to his housing site after becoming lost.

This story talks the rough journey and struggles an Honduran pregnant woman faced with her 3-year-old son to get to Colorado.

He worked his whole life as an agriculture worker. He need to get help with daily activity.

Colorado Agricultural Workers Continue to Face Problems from Covid.docx
As Covid-19 cases continued to occur throughout the state, one promotora was contacted by agricultural workers who needed help with accessing rapid test kits.
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