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An agricultural worker talks about how the aid from the Project Protect Promotores is very important for him.

He worked his whole life as an agriculture worker. He need to get help with daily activity.

A wholesale worker discusses issues she faced when she had an accident at work and broke her arm.

rosa y sabas boulder.pdf
Two elderly agricultural workers talk about their experiences in work, their need for safety and work items, and how Project Project Promotores have helped them.

Agricultural Worker Struggles with Hospital Bills.docx
A Project Protect promotora helps an H-2A visa agricultural worker who is struggling with medical bills after he fell sick and was hospitalized.

transport slv.pdf
A Project Protect promotora helps a young agricultural worker with social security issues and finding transportation.

Una Madre huyendo de la violencia domestica y sus necesidades.pdf
This narrative discusses the theme of immigration and domestic violence. A family from El Salvador flees domestic violence and acclimates to life in the United States.

When love for others allows you to shine

A beet truck driver was forced to return to Mexico after being infected with COVID-19 and receiving no support, equipment, or information from employers. The job was temporary, difficult, had long hours, and the company, and the farmworker feels that…

Trabajadora Con Paralisis Cerebral Necesita Ayuda.pdf
Una promotora de Project Protect y la comunidad ayudaron a una trabajadora de agricultura que fue diagnosticada con parálisis cerebral. 
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