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Copy of A.Carrazco 02_16_2021   M.C-English.pdf
A Mexican agricultural worker in Northeast Colorado experiences injustices from the managers in the fields, which he explains is because the managers have papers and the workers do not. He describes the insecurity of the pandemic and fear of getting…

20201113_152254 - Adriana Carrazco.jpg

Farmworker Story(North2)_Marta Espinoza1.pdf
The experiences of a farmworker who worked in onion and vegetable farms and in a dairy farm taking care of cows. She describes reasons as to why she left her country and work conditions in Colorado agriculture.

Copy of A.Carrazco 02_17_2021   M.C- English.pdf
An anonymous agricultural worker in Morgan County discusses the the low pay, lack of meal breaks, and the reality of long work hours.

An account of a hemp worker's experience at a Colorado farm and includes how they were not paid for their work.

F9FDDEC1-228A-47ED-A16E-756EE491CF9C - Dolores Breceda.jpg
A spontaneous encounter between an agricultural worker in the field and a promotora where they found he knew her husband!

WhatsApp Video 2023-03-27 at 12.10.20 PM.mp4
A H2A agricultural worker had always dreamt of owning a guitar, that's all he wanted. But, in Mexico they were too expensive. Thanks to a Promotora in SLV, he got what he dreamed for.

Accesibilidad a aprender ingles.pdf
This story focuses on the accessibility that 20-30 young Mexican adults have to learn English.

Farmworker Story(North1)_Lucia Olivas.pdf
An agricultural worker's experiences which includes a description of the weather conditions at work, reasons why they work and salary.

slv ag worker health.pdf
Promotoras helped an agricultural worker from San Luis Valley after he was injured on the job and experienced lingering health problems.
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