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A Story about living and working at a dairy. The worker speaks of difficulties with mental health, medical access, transportation, and ultimately he leaves his job at the dairy to live in a larger city with more access to resources.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Marta Espinoza3.pdf
Don Polo discusses low wages, difficult hours, harassment, language barriers, and wanting to provide for and protect his family after being granted political asylum from Mexico.

Farmworker Story(North1)_Lucia Olivas1.pdf
A short description of low wages, need for benefits, and respect.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story6 transcripts.pdf
An agricultural worker from Mexico discusses the difficult conditions of the weather and climate in Colorado. He also talks about the uncertainty of the pandemic for workers without citizenship. He asks legislators for more fair and humane treatment.

Manager de Mantenimiento de lechería.pdf
Entrevista con el Manager de Mantenimiento de Johnson / Johnson Dairy. Describe su meta en la vida, en el trabajo y para su familia.

Adriana Carrazco N3 Story7 transcripts.pdf
A mother describes how she balances her work and her family. She also explains how the employer treated workers during COVID-19.

Copy of Story #1 - Maria A. English.pdf
A difficult story of pain and abuse in both work and immigration experience.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Elvira Munguia2.pdf
A young agricultural worker in animal husbandry discusses wage, weather, and management conditions at their job.

Historia Sra Maria.pdf
This story describes a worker who had an accident at a farm and the type of help she received from Promotoras.

IMG_5586 - Angel Angel.jpg
A thanksgiving meal with Western Slope agricultural workers.
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