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artistic photos of an agricultural worker's workplace. photos taken by a promotora.

Entrevista trabajadora Agrícola Norte de Colorado  2.mp3
Heat protections are not being met

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A thanksgiving meal with Western Slope agricultural workers.

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She does not lose her essence, she still dreams of doing what she likes

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A foreman finishing up his day during a cold, wintery March evening. He displays the old ways of checking on sprinklers and the "new" way by means of an app and his smart phone.

Juan  Funeral Invitation.png
Juan Panzo Temoxtle, age 44, drowned in a manure pit while working at Shelton Dairy in LaSalle, CO on Tuesday March 30, 2021.

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Photos from a promotora outreach to agricultural workers.

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H-2A workers make themselves at home in a promotora's kitchen to make aguachiles, socialize, and enjoy life away from home and family.

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Migrant and visa agricultural workers receive much desired pillows and sheets thanks to Promotores.
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