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Video Farmworker Story(North1)_Teresa Gomez2
Promotora de Project Protect Food System Workers entrevista a un trabajador agrícola migrante sobre su experiencia como trabajador agrícola en Colorado. El trabajador agrícola describe algunos desafíos de trabajar en los campos. También discuten el…

An account of a hemp worker's experience at a Colorado farm and includes how they were not paid for their work.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Elvira Munguia3.mp3

Farmworker Story(North3)_Priscila Ramirez1.mpeg

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A cattle workers discusses the difficulties of their daily work schedule and separation from family.

A farmworker for over 20 years describes her experiences and struggles, including a workplace accident that left her unable to work.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Marta Espinoza3.pdf
Don Polo discusses low wages, difficult hours, harassment, language barriers, and wanting to provide for and protect his family after being granted political asylum from Mexico.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Cristina Cardenas2.pdf
A dairy worker from Mexico describes the difficulty of dairy work and being a manager of a milking station, as well as sexism in the work place and her desire for more opportunity for herself and her children.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Marta Espinoza1.pdf
The experiences of a farmworker who worked in onion and vegetable farms and in a dairy farm taking care of cows. She describes reasons as to why she left her country and work conditions in Colorado agriculture.

Farmworker Story(North2)_Marta Espinoza2.pdf
A farmworker experiences an accident at work which limited his ability to work. This caused issues with his boss and employment.
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